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NSW Government Stimulus Package Summary


Monday 13 April 2020:

1. 25% Land Tax Concession

Effective: 31 December 2019

– Eligible landlords will be able to apply for a land tax concession of up to 25 per cent of their 2020 (calendar year) land tax liability on relevant properties.

– Commercial landlords will be offered the land tax concession if they pass the savings on to financially distressed tenants through a rent reduction, where those tenants turnover up to $50 million and suffer a downturn in income of at least 30%.

– Rent relief must be passed on to tenants at any time between 1 April 2020 an 30 September 2020 without the requirement to be paid back at a later date.

– A further land tax deferral for any outstanding amounts for a three-month period will also be offered to landlords who claim the land tax concession.

– Applications are available through Service NSW



Friday 3 April 2020:

1. $10,000 Small Business Grant

Effective: 17 April 2020 until 1 June 2020

– $10,000 grants to eligible NSW small businesses that have been subject to closure or are highly impacted by NSW Government health directions in relation to COVID-19, as follows:

⋅ Retail trade

⋅ Accommodation and food service

⋅ Rental, hiring and real estate services

⋅ Administrative and support services

⋅ Arts and recreation services

⋅ Other businesses with at least a 75% reduction in revenue for a minimum 2 week period since 30 March 2020 and supported by a letter from your accountant

– Eligibility:

⋅ a business highly impacted by the Public Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order 2020 issued on 30 March 2020 (refer some industries above);

⋅ turnover of more than $75,000;

⋅ employ between 1-19 employees

⋅ annual payroll less than $900,000;

⋅ have an Australian Business Number (ABN) as at 1 March 2020,

⋅ based in NSW and employ staff as at 1 March 2020;

⋅ use the funding for unavoidable business costs such as utilities, overheads, legal costs and financial advice;

⋅ provide appropriate documentation upon application.

– Applications will be available through Service NSW by 17th April 2020 and will remain open until 1 June 2020.



Friday 27th March 2020:

1. NSW Payroll Tax

Effective: March 2020 or until end of financial year

NSW Payroll Tax concessions have been extended for six (6) months until October 2020

– Businesses annual payroll tax liability reduced by 25% if all Australian wages paid or payable by the employer are $10 million or less (annual reconciliation due 28 July 2020)

– Monthly lodgers and payers will not have to pay for the months of March, April or May 2020 (with potential to defer for an additional three months)

– Large businesses >$10 million in Austalian wages will have the option to defer payments for 6 months.

2. Other small business support

– Deferral of gaming tax for clubs, pubs and hotels until 1 September 2020, and lotteries tax for six (6) months to 30 September 2020, conditional on these funds being used to retain staff.

– Deferral of the parking space levy for six (6) months to 30 September 2020

– Deferral of rents for six (6) months for commercial tenants with less than 20 employees in all Government-owned properties

– Land Tax instalment plans

Emergency cleaning contracts to small and medium sized businesses to supplement current Government Contracts

– Currently operational taxis will receive a $2,900 subsidy per vehicle with applications made available from June 2020

– Electricity and Gas subsidies for Small Business’ that are temporarily closed

Creative Kids digital small business grant of $5,000 to assist with adapting kids to the online learning programs environment.

– There are a wide range of other measures announced in other states and we will contact our clients individually on these measures where applicable



Tuesday 17th March 2020:

1. NSW Payroll Tax

Effective: 1 July 2020

– NSW Payroll Tax threshold will raise to $1m

2. Other small business support

– Waiver of a range of fees and charges for small business including bars, cafes, restaurants and tradies. More information to come. We will continue to update this information as it becomes available

– There are a wide range of other measures announced in other states and we will contact our clients individually on these measures where applicable


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