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NSW Toll Relief Rebate Scheme


NSW Toll Relief Rebate


  • Commencing 1 July 2022, eligible motorist who spend >$375 a year on tolls can claim a 40% rebate:

    ·       Once per quarter

    ·       up to $750 for the financial year

    ·       up to one year after the financial year ends


·       be a NSW resident.

·       spent $375 or more on eligible tolls.

·       have a NSW personal toll account.

·       have already paid for the toll.

·       have an active toll provider account.

·       have accrued the tolls on a vehicle that’s privately registered in NSW and is below 2794kgs TARE weight.

·       have travelled on an eligible NSW toll road.

·       have not already received: a rebate in the quarter for which you are claiming and the maximum rebate in the financial year for which you are claiming.

Claiming for the first time

Connect your personal toll account to your personal MyServiceNSW Account and ensure your contact and vehicle details are up to date with your toll provider.

Shortcut link is HERE

Once connected there is a Toll Tracker that helps automatically assesses your entitlements.

Once your claim has been approved, you’ll received your payment within 3 to 8 business days. 

Future Claims

Shortcut link is HERE


Toll Relief Website

Eligible Tolls Link

Full details Terms and Conditions

Sole Trader Business - Extra

If you're a sole trader with toll account, you may also be eligable for the sole trader toll relief rebate which is an extra $750 on top of the initial $750 above.

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